Pokemon Radical Red Egg Move Tutor (2024)

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Pokemon Radical Red Egg Move Tutor (2024)


Can you learn egg moves from a move tutor? ›

Accepted Answer

No because egg moves only come at the daycare. since the pokemon cant learn the move on its own it wont get the move from the move tutor. think of tm's and hm's.

How to get egg moves fire red? ›

There is also a list of moves that can be learned through breeding. When you breed two pokemon in the same egg group, if the male pokemon has an egg move, he will pass it on to the pokemon in the egg. So the male decides the moves, the female decides what pokemon it will be. My 3DS FC is 1161-0174-2454.

Where do you find the move tutor? ›

There are two Move Tutors in Sinnoh—one on Route 228 and one on Route 210. The Move Tutor on Route 210 teaches Draco Meteor to a Dragon-type Pokémon which has had its friendship maximized.

How to learn moves by breeding? ›

Players can teach Pokemon egg moves by breeding a male Pokemon of one species with a female of a different species. If the male Pokemon knows a valid egg move at the time of breeding, Pokemon that come from eggs produced from that breeding session will automatically know the move.

Can egg moves be learned without breeding? ›

Since Sword & Shield you can get Egg moves on your Pokemon without actually breeding them. This is very helpful if you got a good Pokemon or a Shiny and you want to get an Egg Move on it without breeding a new one.

Are egg moves learned at level 1? ›

Egg Moves are special moves that Pokemon can only learn through breeding. These moves are passed down from the parent Pokemon onto the child. In most cases, Pokemon cannot obtain these moves by Leveling Up, TM/HM, or Move Tutors.

How many steps to get an egg fire red? ›

Egg Production: "The two seem to get along very well=same species/different trainer" = ~69.3% chance of an egg being made after 256 steps. "The two seem to get along=same species/same trainer or different species/different trainer" = ~49.5% chance of an egg being made after 256 steps.

Can you get Pokémon eggs in Fire Red? ›

You have to leave two pokemon that can compatably breed at the Pokemon Day Care Center on Route 5. After leaving your pokemon there for a short time, and you move to a different part of town the region, you can come back to find that your pokemon made an egg!

Can a Pokémon learn two egg moves? ›

If you can get more than one potential egg move to the male parent, you can pass down multiple egg moves. Sometimes some combinations aren't possible, but this one works just fine.

Where is the Move Tutor fire red? ›

These two tutors are found on the road from Mt Moon to Cerulean City. The man on the right teaches Mega Kick, and the man on the left teaches Mega Punch. The user performs a randomly selected move; almost any move in the game could be picked.

Can Move Tutor only be used once? ›

If the tutor is outside the Battle Frontier and doesn't use the previous move list on your pokemon, then no. Those tutors will warn you that it can be used only once.

How to spawn move tutors? ›

How do you spawn a move tutor pixelmon? Pixelmon how to find Move Tutors Egg Move Tutors can be found on the second floor (accessible by interacting with Mienshao). These moves can normally only be obtained by breeding. These moves require a rarer currency to learn, to avoid breeding becoming obsolete.

Which moves are egg moves? ›


Can a move relearner teach egg moves? ›

Any Pokémon hatched in Generation VI onward can relearn any move it knew when it hatched. This includes not only Egg Moves, but any other moves it knew when hatched as well (e.g. level-up moves known upon hatching, Volt Tackle bred onto Pichu, etc.).

How to get egg moves with mirror herb? ›

To teach your Pokemon an egg move with the Mirror Herb, your Pokemon first needs to be holding the item and be in your party. Your Pokemon also needs a slot open from its move list. Have the Pokemon that knows the egg move that you want to pass down in your party.

Can you relearn egg moves at Move Relearner? ›

Egg Moves cannot be relearned if the player chooses to forget them. It should be noted that unlike core series games prior to Generation VI, it is possible for non-Field Pokémon to learn any Egg Move combinations.

Can the Move Tutor teach egg moves in brilliant diamond? ›

Any Egg Moves that are forgotten can be relearned at the Move Tutor in Pastoria City. However, Egg Moves that were inherited from other Generation 8 games can't be remembered.

How to learn egg moves without breeding scarlet? ›

After buying a Mirror Herb from Cascarrafa, players can give it to the Pokémon they want to learn the move and then set up a Pokémon Picnic. The Egg Move is instantly learned, and no eggs are involved. Now that breeding is much faster in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, specializing and getting shiny Pokemon is easier.

Can Pokemon learn egg moves from TMS? ›

Egg Moves are moves that a Pokemon is only normally able to inherit through breeding. Some species of Pokemon can only learn a certain move via Egg Move, as they're not able to learn the move via Level Up, TM, or Move Tutor.

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